5 PM
Food and drinks for all guests
5 Judges
4 Contestants
Adult Ticket $40
Under 21 Ticket $20
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Welcome to our first-ever outdoor Meat Grilling Contest!
We will have four contestants participating in the contest, each from a unique cultural background.
A panel of five judges will rate their preparations, each an expert in meat preparation.

Eventus invites you to be a part of this one-of-a-kind event! Each contestant will prepare enough food for every guest to taste.
Mixed drinks, wine, and beer are all on the house!

After the tasting, we will close out the evening with music, dancing, and a hookah tasting! Guests are welcome to bring cigars at their leisure.

1st Place:
$200 Cash + $50 Gift Card to Seasons 52
2nd Place:
$100 Cash + $25 Gift Card to Seasons 52
3d Place:
$50 Cash + $25 Gift Card to Seasons 52
Our judges:
I'm a food-loving chef who's committed to creating delicious and healthy dishes. With a passion for experimentation and a dedication to excellence, I enjoy bringing people together to enjoy memorable dining experiences.
Nikita Grin
David Lawshe
Originally discovering a passion for food and beverage while in college, David now has over 13 years of experience in professional kitchens in VA and MD. He is currently the Sous Chef and Beverage Director at the Seasons 52 in North Bethesda.
Felix Kuznetsov
Born and raised in Turkmenistan and cooking for over 20 years. Cooking meat is an integral part of my Asian Heritage, so I can confidently call myself an expert.
Dane Scott
Grill master, with over 15 years of experience as the head chef of two exquisite Armenian restaurants. Opened his own restaurant in 2008 with an emphasis on grilling.
Arsen Nazarian
I have been cooking for 28 years and opened Seasons 52 Fresh Grill and Wine Bar in Tysons Corner before taking over as Managing Partner shortly after. I also enjoy grilling and smoking meats at home.
Our contestants:
Cooking meat is a man's job in my culture, and I don't miss an opportunity.
My food is a mix of different cultures of Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.
Nicholas Korniloff
Artem Nazhmetdinov
Born and raised in Tajikistan. Grilling meat and kebabs is in my blood. I will do my best.
Emerald Walker
Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, I’ve been cooking for over 18 years.
My food is inspired by our East Indian and West African heritage.
Oleg Vorobev
Born and raised in Russia. Shashlyk recipe is from my step-father, who was born in Yakutia, the coldest place on Earth besides Arсtic and Antarctica

Adult Ticket $40
Under 21 Ticket $20
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